Harmonize is a discussions based learning tool where instructors can leverage conversations to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. 


Instructors needed a way to improve ownership, accountability and engagement with their students around subjects and assignments that were held within discussions. Instructors also wanted to reduce the time they spent reviewing content and pass some of the responsibility to students. Thus improving student engagement while easing the work load of the instructor. 


Discovery, interaction design, information architecture, visual design and usability research. 

Feature 1: Peer Review

Peer reviews are a wonderful way to improve online learning. When students engage in peer reviews they become more aware of the subject matter, increase engagement with each other and improve the quality of their own content. Peer reviews can be set to anonymous or public - each with their own benefits.


Instructor, Peer Review Grader

Teacher View, Grading.png


Student, Peer Review Feedback Panel

Peer Review, Cherie Lebow UX Design

Visual Design

Student, Peer Review

Student View, Collapse Review & Peer Lis

Visual Design

Student, Peer List

Mobile, Student View, View Peer List.png



  • Conducted early competitive research, analyzed user data, interviewed customers and subject matter experts

  • Held feedback sessions with stakeholders 

  • Partnered with product managers as well as customer support experts to drive direction of feature attributes and user goals


  • Iterated on wireframe based prototypes and presented early work to PM, engineering and QA for feedback

  • Created visual design & higher fidelity prototypes for usability testing

  • Ran iterative usability studies to course correct design during multiple phases of the product lifecycle



  • Helped establish and maintain tight partnership between engineering, QA and UX teams to ensure quality of implementation and design



  • Assessed usability of live product and iterated based on feedback

  • Gathered new input from training, sales and marketing teams


  • Delivered 3 new features

  • Had an enormously positive impact on how instructors engage with their students

  • Improved sales of Harmonize by meeting new customer needs where they were previously blocked

  • Enabled current customers to expand user adoption among instructors and students

Taskflows - Peer Review


Sitemap - Peer Review

Peer Review Sitemap, Cherie Lebow UX Design

Feature 2: Participation Auto-grading & Milestones

Participation auto-grading coupled with Milestones allows instructors to automate some key metrics regarding a student's work. While instructors are more interested in measuring quality, the ability to quickly measure quantity is extremely helpful as well. Quantity is a good measure of engagement and can be used as part of a grade.

Visual Design

Instructor, Turn On and Define Auto-Grading

Edit Milestones & Auto-Grading, Cherie Lebow UX Design

Visual/Wireframe Hybrid

Instructor, View Auto-Grading in Grading UI

Activity & Auto-Grading, Cherie Lebow UX Design

Visual Design

Student, Discussion with Milestones

Milestone Summary, Cherie Lebow UX Design

Feature 3: Facilitation

When students are assigned the role of facilitator in a discussion they develop a strong sense of ownership, leadership and learn how to engage and support each other in their common goals. Additionally facilitation is a great way to transfer workload from instructors to students. 

Visual Design

Facilitator Icon in Thread

Thread, Tooltips.png

Visual Design

Facilitator List in Details

Facilitator List, Cherie Lebow UX Design

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